A history of changing lives
Outward Bound Canada is an outdoor education trip program for people from all walks of life that focuses on leadership, recovery, community, personal growth and the appreciation of nature. With programs operating all over Canada, Outward Bound has changed the lives of countless young people and leaves lasting impressions on each that continue to shape and influence them as they grow.
Strategic & Creative Approach
Life changing experiences take place on every Outward Bound Canada course. There was a huge gap between the public’s perception of OBC and participants' actual experiences. We approached OBC with a strategy to revamp their online website and social presence as well as a campaign comprised of print, digital, and video production showcasing the experiences first hand as well as being compelling pieces of visual content.
The goal for the website and their online presence in general was to create a more immersive brand experience with the visuals and sounds that one would experience out on a real expedition. This would serve as a foundation for OBC to start recording the life changing experiences that happen on every trip and make them part of their brand equity. Cleanly designed course pages were developed for each of the unique programs offered and the site was also streamlined with a detailed course finder tool to connect participants with a course that fits their criteria.
Mini Video Documentary Series
One of the core ideas behind revamping OBC's online presence was to produce online films that include testimonials from participants on trip. Each video showcases a unique trip and the participants' change in perception over time. These are not only valuable to the participants as a memory of their experiences, but also a powerful brand asset to inspire future participants. For our latest films, visit our vimeo.
Donor impact reports
We worked with OBC to create valuable feedback pieces for their donors such as annual reports featuring bold imagery and visually engaging infographics that outline the impacts of their charitable courses. These were also valuable in digital form as a recruitment tool for new donors.
WHAT WE DID / Campaign Strategy, Print Design, Art Direction, Website Design, Video Production, Cinematography, Brand Campaigns